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My First Blog Post

OK so, here we go. This is hopefully going to leave a story, maybe a trail of what i will be doing. At first, yet, it will be mostly , what I am doing to better myself in learning skills, adapting the way i have been lead to work and hopefully turn this adventure into something which can make a difference. Not just a change of mind but maybe a big change, something which can show that technology, engineering and well thought advice/project support can pay off in a big way.... maybe energy consumptions, maybe large scale spending. hopefully I will help; people with what started out as a headache to end up being something brilliant!

I do have to start somewhere though, so I have signed myself up be a kind of builders understudy as well as taken up a few online courses. my first feat would have been my logo, company name and website, all while getting my hands dirty touching up on building, woodcraft, engineering and landscaping. The parts where I lack motivation really.. I will also be taking on smart installations like CCTV, home automation, computerised motion sensing, heat settings, point of sale and similar ventures to get the wheels turning... so to speak. here's what came up with for a logo: It was made to cover the areas of ingenuity this company will be taking on and shows a little scope for clients up front. what do you think?

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