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I began my technical journey in South Africa. Following my dad's lead in Electrical Engineering I left school to join Western Provinces Technical College in electronics. During this time I had always been keeping myself highly computer literate and had already achieved awards helping schools set up their information technology departments, networks and computer rooms throughout the western cape.  My love for IT led me to start my first computer support company called Table View Computers.  I soon built up a large enough client base to justify moving into an office premises in Paarden Eiland which gave me a more central location to support both clients in the Table Bay area as well as Cape Town central. After a few years I had built up a fully staffed office and had many clients under support contracts and internet provision over long range wireless technology.  I had also just completed a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer course.  It wasn't long before an offer was made to purchase my business by a larger support company in the same sector.  I saw this as an opportunity to be able to move to the UK and start over... cutting a long story short I then emigrated to UK,.  Worked for a 6th form college close to Southampton, while i got to know the new country and soon after I found myself taking up a support role in Exeter..

I grew in that position to IT Supervisor and then Field Engineer, where I would travel all of UK to assist with large scale IT Projects which our clients were undertaking.. 10 years later, I took up a field support role at the NHS  and then 32 years later decided it was time to start up my own venture again...  Epic Products and Solutions LTD.

I had been around for long enough to see that large companies were overlooking the finer details and rather than investing in smaller more intricate change they were moving to more support hours in generic fashion. I wanted to start providing a larger scope of options in order for people who either worked for large companies or even just their home projects to provide a technical service which isn't common these days... lets see how it goes!. 

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