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Adding a unique technical perspective to your team with bespoke innovative creativity, giving you that "next level" advantage in projects for mostly 



energy saving, engineering, building, landscaping, IT solutions, networking, farming tech , electronics, surveillance (CCTV Tech), design, heating, smart technology, procurement, medical tech, health care, datacentres, renovation, music, sound engineering, enterprise media, recording studios, tech research, application development, district heating control, native and legacy engineering software , noise at work decibel testing, recycling, renewable energy, home and mobile solar solutions, refurbishment, 3rd party support,
project management/support/assistance/technical advice/team supply & sub contracting.

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IT Consultancy

Data-centre comms cabinet refresh/design and build.

Design and install home office, remote working environment.

Design a plan for home sound proofed music studio.

CCTV and smart home implementation.

Implement outdoor garden fence sound reflection and outdoor waterproof sound system.

Re-plan and design walk in wardrobe including lighting and smart space saving implementation.

Garden Sound Proof Studio Office design and build for Discreet Music production.

Long range wireless LAN and Internet solutions for rural and isolated or cut-off business/farm.
-Linked house with remote building/office location & link to rural internet providers.

Assisted in re-build of a 200 year old barn roof project.

-re-use tiles and source matching replacements

Re-roof house extension and kitchen remodel. design, source and install.

Oak window restoration and glass upgrade - 500 year old listed cottage.

create network for small hotel, integrating POS system with remote office.

Garden patio design and installation.

Security guard body camera system, set-up, configuration, training, remote access and backup.


Re-roofing and re-vamping a summerhouse.  EDPM rubber technology used for longevity. 


Conservatory build from reclaimed bricks and windows for aesthetics


Reclaimed historic 120 year old bricks for garden path & wall construction


Caravan solar and electric revamp with AV and mood light tech upgrade

Car/van AV tech, reverse camera, dash cameras, security remote cctv, config changing, security, tracking


Office server and rack cabinet refresh and tidy cable implementation.


Office re-location project management - server and staff computers move.

- relocate and integrate VOIP phone systems.

- move rack cabinet. with tidy re-design/re-wire

- cctv system move

research replacement technology to implement for energy saving smart environment.​

house and business premises floor plan design or -redrawing.

home plan and 3d presentation/3d virtual model construction with virtual tour.

Private estate and function drone photography - 4k video and super high def photographs

-character follow

Dance club lighting rig set-up and configuration for DJ/VJ(video Jockey) access.

Sound dampening cavety wall injection & sound dampening board installation

-1 inch loss in room size, damped 70 dB

Noise pollution decibel (dB) inspection reports and sound dampening solutions.

PC/Server Super-PC design, sourcing  and build

Home theatre AV tech implementation. (1.5k surround thundering system)

Medical IT Software support / 3rd party support liaison

-medical/opthalmic and dental machinery

Farm tech solutions / 3rd part support  eg livestock weighing tech, smart heating/environment control.

Tree felling undertaking, hedge trim and disposal, chipping.


Carpentry undertakings, design and build.


General building reconstruct, tech upgrades and sub contracting for 


Old and historic building parts sourcing/renovating/restoring. ei. window catches/hinges/arms, paumelles , gutters, bargeboards, quoins, spandrels, clerestories, efflorescence in bricks, oxeyes, etc 


Electrical engineering undertakings and sub-contracting


Solar and wind electric solutions for home/business and mobile vehicles.


tech concepts and product sourcing for various industries to assist productivity or sales while maintaining BAU.

old technology/legacy and EOL software and hardware support in engineering factory environment.
INCLUDING supporting old bespoke software, rebuilding old-unsupported operating system to run legacy software. required by machinery.  built multiple virtual instances of old systems and platforms, generated a bespoke link to engineering hardware to run in isolated virtual environments allowing the company to move forward with software updates and maintain latest security protocols without losing productivity.

designed and implemented various intricate and bespoke backup systems with live redundancy, continuity and including various systems tests to ensure data recovery from backup media.

Hardware and software firewall and network security implementation. 

bespoke virtual private networks to connect work places or remote users

remote desktop and remote workplace solutions. IT and VoIP

sub contracting with responsibility on project overseeing and management.

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